Monday, 5 September 2011

aNd haPPily Ever aFter..!!!:)

After a long break jst open this addicted blogger thingy.Today whn i opened my blog i ws astonished to see tht the no of followers are still only 4(i am one ov thm).
well cmng back to the topic,today i m going to share a story or indeed a fairy tale bt wait i jst forgot it...hmm....wht ws it cn t remember..thnking and thnking...aahhhhhhhhh..

ahh..sry folks still couldn t remember bt I will surely post it as soon as I get it in my mind bt i knw one thing abt that story tht in the end they live happily ever how gud i m in remembering..!!!:D

ok see ya..bye.!!!:p

Thursday, 1 September 2011


Hmm until nw only 4 followers....nt good i wnt mre atleast 10 in a week so pls follow me cuz in the upcoming week i wuld be becoming the best blogger eva and u will see @qasid inshallah...!!!!I would be winning..!!
Well cmng bck to the topic..Eid whch is a special occasion frm every Muslim aroung every corner of the world.Eid is a word whch make us exquisite and it is a day in whch we get reward by elders in the form of EIDI.!!!huh i collected almost 3000 whch is nt enough cuz i ws thnkng to buy a cell phone after Eid bt the money isn t enough to buy a Nokia c5..
                                                                 paisay nhi hay itnay...!!:)

Ok so this year the Eid ws pretty awesome except sme horrible moments like hair cutting and uhm...
Also planning to fr a picnic mst probably to beach bt there are also chances to go to farmhouse (prosperous place i think)....
Although i have been practising and also interrogating with me friend to improve my english vocabulary and also to impress the followers bt still i dn t thnk tht u people are impressed....(fudge)..
Posting all this bullshit would impress u i thnk ...
At the end i wanna say tht sme cool bloggers have followed me like..
@ATEEQ: one of the coolest bloggers who recently completed his half century of followers......thnks mate fr following me and u blogs are really awesome ...second..
@HAMZA: one of the outstanding bloggers in my skl completing his double century of followers...thnks dude fr following me and u have a realli great talent...
Thnk u mates fr giving me confidence cuz after writing my frst blog i ws nt even sure fr 2 followers(in whch one wuld be me following my own blog).lol..