Sunday, 21 August 2011

Remembering those fruitful vacations

Hi.. thz tme nt nervous to write a blog cuz nw i thnk i m quite addicted to it (whch i thnk is nt gud) ok cmng back to the topic..My vacations.....remembering them..
Although i thought that they wuld be booring bt my cousins made it an hilarious one though one ws 6 and the other ws 10 bt still....That 6 year old guy made my vacations exquisite......

post in abt ur vacations..!!!!

Situation/arisings in karachi.

Karachi whch is the mst largst city of Pakistan is nw covered with terrorism and violation.People living here r so mch scared tht sme ov thm even do nt cme out frm their homes because of the violations as u cn here..

becuz of these terrorist activities peoples are seized in their homes...every nxt week there is bomb blast because of whch all educational centres and offices get close...everyday a new guy gets targeted without knowing that he is innocent and was out of his house because he want to earn fr his killing is common nwadays everyday almost 7 to 8 people get killed by shots..

people r even nt safe in there homes...yesterday i heard frm my mom that one of my old neighbour got shot in his house..he ws in his terrace whn a bullet shot him on his bck and he died on spot and his sister got injured as one bullet hit her left arm...........also one of my cousin gt shot on his head when he was driving however he is in hospital(pray for him)....

apart from this kind of scenario the government is quite without taking any actions...yesterday i saw on TV that there are almost 25 thousand security forces doing there jobs in karachi bt these filthy security forces are jst standing ideal holding guns...
last month or b4 that one of the ranger guy killed an innocent guy n didn t even took him to the hospital...seeing him suffering..

Who is doing all thz???!!!!!!!
after whn everything happens the government say that we are really sorry for what happening in this city and blah blah blah!!!! bt in my opinion this all is bullshit..the government had to take sme major steps inorder to stop this....
i hope this blog however is  a little political bt this is abt my city and abt the future of my city ........inshallah whch will be bright...
may allah maintain peace in this city..ameen

There is no time for homework

uhh....the wrd homework makes me real angry and sometimes my opinion homework shuld be given to young children, nt to us..
As we cn see in the above image that this kid is having a nyc nap during his homework whch he thnks is a bst source fr a great i also feel like that and my frnds often do...
last week whn it ws raining i ws doing my add maths work giving less concentration to add maths and mre to my brother and sister playing outside in the rain like in this photo..

huh.. i ws same like thz guy watchin outside with the nst part ws that when i had dne with my add maths work...the rain stopped n i ws doomed..!!!

so after having all these type of stories the conclusion is that "THERE IS NO TIME FOR HOMEWORK"  

bt sometimes homework is beneficial for us...or it brings sme ecstasy whn we are bored cuz sleeping is the bst option if u gt my point..!!!!!!!!!


FRustrating shopping..

Shopping...this wrd ahh makes me realii angry cuz thz job is the mst tiring job apart grm bargaining whch is the bst part in the whole drama of shopping...frstly whn i ws a kid i used to get excited whn listening that we r goin fr shopping bt nw i used to say that mama go with uzair my little brother cuz he aslo likes shopping as he stays mre with girls lol......Girls whch are crazy fr shopping looks to me that they r boring girlz although they r nt bt shopping makes thm boring like we cn see

last week whn i wnt to shopping with my mom(i ws forced to go) so i jst hold the shopping bags... 
                                    1 hour passed=2 bags
                                     2 hours passed=4 bags
                                   3 hours passed=6 bags
                                   4 hours passed= nw thts it..!!!!
after 4 hours whn cmng home i ws like that..!!!!lol

so this suggests that boys especially me are against shopping and if there wuld be a rising i wuld be leading it....and girls who are crazy doing all these stuff are soooo boring......:)

btw if because of ths blog any1 gets hurt do tll me...n i m sorry boring girls.. 

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Traffic jam..

Karachi is a plce where traffic jams r the mst frustratng actions whch r nt resolve by the traffic police(tillay known as traffic police in local language) who occcasionally handles the traffic by one hand and by other hand hold the cell phone talking to there desired number lol..had a collection of photos related to it bt the net isn  t working...

nw cmng to the actual topic traffic jam whch ws the worst fr me whn I ws cmng bck frm skl.It ws almost 2 whn i gt stck in the traffic jam whch i thnk ws spread in all over the city though  sme places were okay b4 those heavy trackers who the whole road making us suffer.I culdn t even abuse thm cuz i ws fasting so it ws  test ov my patience in whch i culd fail if I ws to get stuck fr a minute mre.the mst frustrating is tht whn stucked in a traffic jam and people giving horns i ws damn gonna kill i ws also optimistic tht i wuld get in did u ???? u all have to guess.. lol