Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Traffic jam..

Karachi is a plce where traffic jams r the mst frustratng actions whch r nt resolve by the traffic police(tillay known as traffic police in local language) who occcasionally handles the traffic by one hand and by other hand hold the cell phone talking to there desired number lol..had a collection of photos related to it bt the net isn  t working...

nw cmng to the actual topic traffic jam whch ws the worst fr me whn I ws cmng bck frm skl.It ws almost 2 whn i gt stck in the traffic jam whch i thnk ws spread in all over the city though  sme places were okay b4 those heavy trackers who the whole road making us suffer.I culdn t even abuse thm cuz i ws fasting so it ws  test ov my patience in whch i culd fail if I ws to get stuck fr a minute mre.the mst frustrating is tht whn stucked in a traffic jam and people giving horns i ws damn gonna kill i ws also optimistic tht i wuld get in did u ???? u all have to guess.. lol

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