Thursday, 8 March 2012

A story written at a boring time..:P

"What a beautiful day it is..?",I was jst thinkin until whn I got knocked out by a BIG,FAT,UGLY GUY."WTH man have u out of ur senses.?", I asked him,and in reply I could jst see his ugly face.After 2 to 3 minutes I saw some policeman running in the same direction as that guy was running,I stopped one and asked about the situation.He said that the guy which was running was a thief and he had jst stolen a women s purse.I,after cmng bck to my senses though that where the heck am I?.."hey dude!wht is ths place?", I asked to a wayfarer who was jst standing near me in an awkward position."U r in a lost land where all the dreams come true",he replied me again in an awkward manner.I went forward and saw some flowers which were I think so 'Dancing'."Hey u there,could u pls help me I am lost here","Arghh,get outta here before its too late","but how can I gt outta here,I dn t knw the exit","You got to figure that out","what do u mean",before I could say ths I saw that the guy dissappeared,it seems like ths place is so gross.
"Yeah,mom jst 1 minute,my game is about to finish",I exclaimed while playing 'THE LORD OF THE RING',"Man that ws a admirable dream",I thought.
"Boy!where were u last night,u wernt there at Dinner",My Dad asked, "yeah Dad,I was a little sleepy so I jst skipped the dinner",I replyed before getting up from the breakfast table.
Later on,at school another undulting thing happened.While,I was checking my locker I felt that someone pushed me from behind and the push was so hard that I was bleeding.But,when I got back i saw nothing just a lust of wind moving from one corridor to another."Thts one more unusual thing happen to me since yesterday",I thought after recalling ths last incident that happened to me last night."hey,why are u late",asgher asked me while I was roaming in my memory." my locker jst stucked up,so it took me time to deal with it".
Time passed on like a second and all the unusual momemts jst flourished away frm my mind bt still they were some where in my brain.During ths time I graduated from my school and scored some soccer goals.
"Be there on time,tmrws the match",Ali shouted as I was passing by his house.Ali was my school friend and he live nearby my house and also was our soccer school team captain."Yeah Yeah,I will be there till 7",I replyed with my feet moving down the road.After reaching home I went to bed and started my dream with a soccer scorer.In the dream I became the greatest scorer in the world but this dream lasted for only 6 hours.Cuz I ws woked up BY my sweet MOM and my dream in dream came to and end also making my boring story to come to an end.
"Mom,aik match tou khalney deithi".

Monday, 5 March 2012

Screw you!

Hey FOlks....Long time no see....
Well, nowadys busy in ths Exam tension however the Papers are in May but ths tension really stresses me out.....and yeah my Narcissistic friends wouldn t tell how to prepare it however i know that they have prepare it already...
Yesterday I asked one and he said that yr I am also struggling how can i tell u and when I asked his Sis that whether he had prepared it or not...and she said that Ali nay tou 1 mahinay pehlay hi sara prepare kr lia tha...I ws like WTF!Man really screw u....