Saturday, 15 October 2011


After kwning that my page view is increasing I once again started to write sme cool blog..!!
aah..couldn t get a topic so sry folks this time jst a few lines fr my coolness...
a short phrase frm one of my poem..

My friends have gone so far,
waiting fr my knowledge to cme that far..

A phrase by a 15 year old teenager..!!!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

tryin to write a poem..!!!

Fear of exams arousing fast
Increasing the brain level upto the last
Add maths,Physics are the Damn subjects
Urdu,Islamiyat are the gaining one
Biology is the sweetest one
and one of the leading one
Chemistry deals with the chemical things
making the Bonding within
History creates a picture of past
Regaining the qualities of the past

Result is the most awful moment
which recalls the Day of Judgement.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Huh.. so facinating..!!

hey guys u knw wht in my friends class only 4 students pass in English (tran tran indian dramas) and friend failed scoring 20 marks frm 50... i ws astonished after knwing his result and ask him that WTH have he written in his papr..He said in an angry mood.."my drawing wasn t cmplete (then after a pause)..yr obviously papr ws gud bt umm...and thn he went away..!!! and he also told me abt ATEEQ and HAMZA bt i m nt gonna post it as i thnk they wuld post him on there own..!!