Tuesday, 11 October 2011

tryin to write a poem..!!!

Fear of exams arousing fast
Increasing the brain level upto the last
Add maths,Physics are the Damn subjects
Urdu,Islamiyat are the gaining one
Biology is the sweetest one
and one of the leading one
Chemistry deals with the chemical things
making the Bonding within
History creates a picture of past
Regaining the qualities of the past

Result is the most awful moment
which recalls the Day of Judgement.


  1. Ohhh looks like ur good with theory and not that good at the technical stuff :P

    I hate urdu, I've always hated it :@ and I used to lose marks in Urdu and Islamiyat :( Not something I'm proud off

  2. Btw Aliza khan I jst saw ur blog and ur astrological sign is same as mine,capricon..n it's follow back time fr u..:)

  3. Hahahahahahaha Capricorns are Cooll ^_^