Sunday, 21 August 2011

There is no time for homework

uhh....the wrd homework makes me real angry and sometimes my opinion homework shuld be given to young children, nt to us..
As we cn see in the above image that this kid is having a nyc nap during his homework whch he thnks is a bst source fr a great i also feel like that and my frnds often do...
last week whn it ws raining i ws doing my add maths work giving less concentration to add maths and mre to my brother and sister playing outside in the rain like in this photo..

huh.. i ws same like thz guy watchin outside with the nst part ws that when i had dne with my add maths work...the rain stopped n i ws doomed..!!!

so after having all these type of stories the conclusion is that "THERE IS NO TIME FOR HOMEWORK"  

bt sometimes homework is beneficial for us...or it brings sme ecstasy whn we are bored cuz sleeping is the bst option if u gt my point..!!!!!!!!!


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