Sunday, 21 August 2011

FRustrating shopping..

Shopping...this wrd ahh makes me realii angry cuz thz job is the mst tiring job apart grm bargaining whch is the bst part in the whole drama of shopping...frstly whn i ws a kid i used to get excited whn listening that we r goin fr shopping bt nw i used to say that mama go with uzair my little brother cuz he aslo likes shopping as he stays mre with girls lol......Girls whch are crazy fr shopping looks to me that they r boring girlz although they r nt bt shopping makes thm boring like we cn see

last week whn i wnt to shopping with my mom(i ws forced to go) so i jst hold the shopping bags... 
                                    1 hour passed=2 bags
                                     2 hours passed=4 bags
                                   3 hours passed=6 bags
                                   4 hours passed= nw thts it..!!!!
after 4 hours whn cmng home i ws like that..!!!!lol

so this suggests that boys especially me are against shopping and if there wuld be a rising i wuld be leading it....and girls who are crazy doing all these stuff are soooo boring......:)

btw if because of ths blog any1 gets hurt do tll me...n i m sorry boring girls.. 

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