Sunday, 20 November 2011

Bet you can’t keep a secret!

Everyone has secrets. It adds to the allure.Infact, sme can keep them and sme cnt..sme discuss it with there friends and sme with there parents or someone special...or eVen sme share it on one of my absurd friend..who jst opened his poll saying that he still used to pee on bed at the age of 16..!!ooooo..i knw that i m being a lil' or totally lame but i thnk i m best at it..!!!

well tday i m goin' to disclose a secret that i thnk is nw really important so here i go..i jst wanna say that my real name is Burair...i knw that the name sounds a lil' awkward but let me tell u it pronounces like appearance.....below
                                       i knw i am nt that mch handsome bt i am what i m
so this was the secret whch was to disclose oneday and tday ws that day....
i m a good secret keeper by this i have to tell and i betcha that u all would also have sme cool secrets whch u keep for a longer time..:P


  1. Hahahahaha nah ur name doesn't sound weird. Its interesting and quiet uncommon *High Five*

    P.S What does it mean??

  2. hmm..its a historical name and yeah uncommon i skl i use to suffer alot..!!cuz teachers could not get it..

  3. what a post?
    secrets--yes everyone keeps his own secrets but Allah SWT says who protects other's secret, I (ALLAH) will protect his secrets.
    By the way: secret life is something thought provoking.