Sunday, 6 November 2011


Yesterday all night my Bakra ws shouting MEIN..MEIN...MEIN.....whn i woke up the morning i wnt straight the him and said yes YOU..YOU..YOU you will be slaughtered on monday..!!
One more interesting thing to share yesterday whn we were on our way back frm MANDI...there were two BAZARS in our way...i dont remember there names but i ws astonished to see that it ws increasingly full..(til darhnay ki jaga nhi thy)..seeing that i asked my cousin beside me that how stupid the ladies especially the girls reply he said yea I knw cuz yesterday my sis also force me to go with him to buy her sandals...

                                                         how stupid the girls are in my view


  1. push in the bush ===
    =george sab ka naam tou sab jantey hain bhi saari copy hai baap key naam ki. word by word --with age difference however.

    Hello Syed!
    belated bakra eid mubarak.
    I am following you now.
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  2. how did u depict i m sexist..^_^

  3. wht exactly is on my mind tday..!!?

  4. hahahahahahaha wahhh khud tou aise keh rae ho jaise larke tou shopping karte nae hain ;)

  5. i hate it..!!n most of my fiends also do..!!:P

  6. so conclusion is that boys hate shopping...!!:P